Lineage W — A History Written in Blood

Lineage W is the fifth part of the legendary multiplayer online role-playing game Lineage from the South Korean company NCsoft.

Officially: the game will be released on iOS and Android on November 24, 2021. The release on Windows is also planned for the end of 2021, it is possible to launch simultaneously with iOS and Android. The release on the Playstation 5, Nintendo Switch is scheduled for January-February 2022. There is no information on launching the game on XBOX.

The company first introduced Lineage in 1998. Since then, 23 years have passed, and today Lineage has become not just a game, but a symbol of the history of the Korean MMORPG. Battle, Blood pledge, Sacrifice and Honor have always remained the main principles of Lineage.

The creators admit that this time they put all their efforts and knowledges into the game and tried to make it look like it would be the last version in history. Which may well be true. NCSoft does not exclude that part W will be the final part in the Lineage series.

Why W

The letter W hides the meaning of «World» or «Worldwide». Unlike previous games, in Lineage W, players can create factions with users all over the planet and compete with each other. The company decided to expand the Battle Community by making it global and thus create a battlefield that has never been seen before.

This time the main goal Lineage W is to create a playground where different cultures from around the world can simultaneously coexist. At the same time, the core values and philosophy of the previous Lineage will remain.

What can players do in Lineage W

  • Open new battlefields;
  • Join the battle for true honor;
  • Learn mystical powers;
  • Join the Global Battle Community and etc.

Features of Lineage W

The main innovation is graphics. For the first time in the entire existence of Lineage, the game is presented in 3D format. The company decided to take this step for many reasons. One of them is that it is very difficult and sometimes even impossible to show some characters in 2D in the way that the creators of Lineage would like. For example, the dragon Antaras is a creature of incredible size, but the 2D format limited the capabilities of developers who wanted to show all its greatness.

In addition, thanks to the new format, the company has the opportunity to make the story more flexible. Thus, in Lineage W, players will not focus only on dealing maximum damage to the enemy. In the last part, much attention is paid to tactics, strategy and the storyline.

A lot of additional features were also added, which did not affect the uniqueness of Lineage, but at the same time made the reality more augmented, and the game itself more dark and bloody. The developers themselves define the Lineage W style as «dark fantasy».

As for the storyline, this time each hero will have his own story. As in the previous line, everything will depend on which character the player chooses. At the same time, NCSoft promised to immerse users in the history of each of the heroes as much as possible.

Available Characters

  • Prince;
  • Knight;
  • Mage;
  • Elf.

For each character, the creators of the game have prepared a separate completely new storyline.

The Global Battle Community

The real world war will unfold in Lineage W! Players from different countries can cooperate, unite into Blood pledges and fight against each other on the same server. The developers admit that the creation of a Global Combat Community was their long-standing dream, which finally came true.

To facilitate communication between players, the creators have built an online translator into the chat, which will instantly translate messages from a foreign language. Moreover, the chat in the game has also learned to recognise speech and convert it into a text message. Thanks to this, during the battle, the player can not be distracted from typing on the keyboard, but send a message with his voice.


In 2021 the game will appear on the Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows. In 2022 the company plans to release Lineage W for the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch consoles.

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